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Common questions

When and how often do you update?

We update twice a week. For new sale items released on Mondays, we update them on Monday afternoon. We also update on Friday afternoon and publish a "Weekend Update" to catch any items that go on sale mid-week.

Do you have a fixed update schedule?

We're sorry, but we currently don't have a fixed update time. Since we take photos first and then upload them, the exact time required for updates depends on the number of discounted items. However, we will release updates as quickly as possible. The usual update time is around 12 PM to 2 PM.

How many store locations do you currently have information on?

We currently have information on store locations that are all listed in the city selection list.

What should I do if my Costco store is not on the YepSavings website?

You can refer to the nearest Costco store on the website. Although the discount information may not be exactly the same, most major brand discounted products can be found at almost all Costco locations.

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