About Us

About Us

Welcome to yepsavings.com, your trusted source for in-store Costco discounts and clearance updates. Founded in 2021, we've quickly become an essential tool for the dedicated Costco shopper.

Our Mission

At yepsavings.com, our primary goal is to empower Costco enthusiasts with the most recent in-store product insights, helping you save both time and money on every visit.

How We Operate

Every Monday and Friday, our diligent team visits Costco to document the latest promotions. We update twice a week because, as many shoppers know, Costco can introduce surprise mid-week deals. With no set expiration date for clearance and other discounts, our approach ensures you get the most current insights on product availability, especially for fresh produce. For utmost accuracy on product stock and pricing, we always advise referring to the specific in-store conditions.


While we're passionate about everything Costco, please note that we are an independent entity and are not affiliated with Costco.
Thank you for trusting yepsavings.com. We're here to enhance your shopping experience every time you plan a Costco visit.
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